Rose Vickers

Rose Vickers works mainly using found and carefully collected materials, re appropriating commonplace objects by responding to their innate narrative qualities.


Sometimes inspired by simple geometry, the work can be suggestive of the tradition of piecing patchwork quilts and the necessity of using materials that were to hand and could not be wasted, and in so creating something which could act as a narrative document of their maker’s lives.


Employing a handmade aesthetic, Rose’s latest work is created using her large collection of school rulers and yardsticks, subtly evoking an earlier utopianism whilst celebrating the everyday usefulness of the simplest of tools. Reclaimed vintage rulers are made into geometrically designed artworks.


Since completing her degree in Applied Arts, Rose’s artworks have been exhibited widely and she has worked on a broad range of public and private commissions, both within the UK and internationally in Miami & New York, throughout Europe, and Asia including Hong Kong and Singapore.


Rose currently lives and works in Bristol, UK.


Awards: Winner of RWA Evolver Cover Prize 2014

Collections: Bathurst Collection at Lydney Hall