Gary Betts

Gary Betts is an English Sculptor, based in West London, currently working on a barge on the Thames. He first discovered his talent for ceramics and sculpture at school, so a natural progression to art school seemed obvious. He studied design for print followed by medical illustration at Barking, Essex. His career path took him into graphic design, illustration, film storyboard art, art direction and creative direction, but he was always painting and sculpting. Gary now focuses solely on sculpture, his preferred medium being bronze. 


Gary’s sculptures often take the ancient trope of the human-animal hybrid into the modern world in order to make powerful statements about modern understandings of gender, beauty and status, and to ultimately challenge, often with a hint of humour and sarcasm, misleading, although deep-rooted, social stereotypes.  


“The idea as well as the image is important to me. There is always a subtext lying behind the textures, patterns, and shapes, they convey my personal insights, often memories drawn from my childhood. My figures are sometimes described as enigmatic, but I like to think there is a gentle sensitivity about them, crying out to be heard.”


The success his work has had over the past decades is testified by his membership to the Royal Society of British Sculptors, the Society of Designer Craftsmen and the society of London Potters. Gary’s work has indeed been displayed in art galleries across the globe and at international Art Fairs.