A brief introduction to Tony Blackmore

A short video showing Tony Blackmore in his North London studio, showing some of the processes that go into his hand-folded artworks.

Click here to view the video

A brief introduction to Penny Leaver Green

A short video showing Penny Leaver Green in her quirky studio, showing some of the processes that go into her silk artworks.

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A brief introduction to Jack Frame

A quick video showing Jack Frame in his studio, going through some of the processes behind his renowned gold leaf paintings.

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A brief introduction to Mat Kemp

We've created a quick video introducing British artist Mat Kemp, showing him in his studio making one of his latest pieces using recycled Nespresso pods, salvaged 35mm slides and movie film.

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Cube Gallery walkthrough video

A short video walking through the gallery August 2019. Currently hung is a mixed show, representing many of the artists you will find on our website!

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Linear Lines Blue by Peter Monaghan - video

Peter Monaghan's paper cuts appear to change colour and shape depending on which angle they are viewed. Here's a short video walking around Linear Lines Blue.

Click here to view 'Linear Lines Blue' by Peter Monaghan

Veil by Anna Masters - video

Anna Masters uses rose & wildflower petals, recycled watch parts, gilt skeleton leaves and vintage butterflies to create her artwork 'Veil'. We've captured a short video showing the detail of the artwork close up.

Click here to view 'Veil' by Anna Masters

Introducing new artist Daniel Mirchev

Mirchev is Bulgarian sculptor, working mainly in wood and mixed media. He graduated in ‘Wood Carving’ in the Applied Arts College ‘Dimitar Dobrovich’ in the Bulgarian town of Sliven. Daniel’s artistic biography started in 1989 as part of the Annual National Exhibition of Applied Arts in Bulgaria. Since then, he has been working as a sculptor and professional artist. Daniel is a member of the National Association of the Bulgarian Professional Artists. He is an associate member of the art group Nine, consisting of sculptors dedicated to wood. He has had six solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions as well as woodcarving symposiums. His sculptures and art objects have been selected by collectors from Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Canada and the United States.

Click here to learn more about Daniel and view images of his works

Click here to view a video of 'My Side of the Moon 1'


Showing at COLLECT for the first time in the Saatchi Gallery was amazing. We had an absolutely stunning 7 meter long wall showing off Myung Nam An's ceramics, bringing a lot of colour and texture to the stand. Click the link below to view a video of the works, you really can't take it all in from just images!

Click here to view a video of Myung Nam An's ceramics hung on a 7 meter wall at COLLECT

Art Karlsruhe

We loved being in Karlsruhe for the first time! We've met so many new clients, and now exhibited our artists somewhere new and exciting. Many of you won't have had the chance to see our booth, so we made a short video for you to enjoy.

Click here to view a video of our stand at Art Karlsruhe

Christmas Exhibition

What an amazing Christmas Exhibition - thank you to everyone who came in throughout the end of November and December, we were constantly rehanging the walls as so many pieces sold! We met so many new faces, and reconnected with a large number of existing clients. We can't wait to continue into 2019.

Myung Nam An at CONTEXT Miami

Such a fantastic show at CONTEXT Miami in the beginning of December. Myung Nam An's ceramics totally sold out!

The next fair we will be exhibiting her works will be 'Collect' at the Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road in London from 28th February - 3rd March; we hope to see you there!

Paul Kessling focus

Running from 27th October - 15th November 2018, Paul Kessling will be taking over our downstairs wall-space for his focus!

Paul Kessling is a British painter born in Dundee, Scotland, in 1965. He trained as a sculptor at Wimbledon School of Art and then at MA level at the Royal College of Art. At the latter institution, Paul worked with Sir Eduardo Paolozzi.

He is a modern painter forming paintings with the same sculptural discipline required of the three dimensional form, but in a two dimensional space. Kessling uses his own distinctive painterly structures, stacks of stripes or fields of moving paint, to generate a distillation of the well-observed – a rewriting or new translation in paint.

Click here to view the artworks in Paul's focus

Myung Nam An's Eye Series Ceramics

Myung Nam An's ceramics have been extremely popular with clients who have seen and experienced her works - they are very tactile, with many having commented how one just doesn’t get a true impression of her works through an image. We wanted to really show off her Eye Series to everyone, so have created a video showing the texture, depth and variety of her works. We hope you enjoy!

Click here to view the video of Myung's ceramics

Click here to view images of Myung's works

Anna Masters' new body of work, Mortal Engines

Anna Masters is well known for her wall pieces, incorporating recycled watch & clock parts, butterflies and rose petals, strung on nylon wire. Her latest body of works sees her medium of watch & clock parts now encased within vintage clock cases: 'Mortal Engines'.

This is another way in which Anna plays on the concept of time; watch parts, the very mechanics of time, are suspended motionless apart from their counterparts, whilst time progresses regardless.

Click here to view Anna's sculptural 'Mortal Engine' works

Click here to view Anna's wall based artworks

Introducing new artist Tony Blackmore

Tony Blackmore is a British artist, graduating from both Kingston University (1993) and the University of the Arts London (2013). Blackmore one of six students from across UAL's MA programmes to be awarded a residency at Tokyo Arts and Space. His time spent in Japan continues to influence the art he makes today.

Since graduating, Tony’s work has focused on his ‘Paperfolds’, a body of wall-based reliefs each created from a single sheet of polyester film, a film traditionally used by architects. Tony places the polyester film over the pattern scoring deep lines on both sides. Each line is then meticulously hand-folded before the film is pushed and nurtured into its final form.

‘I enjoy the discipline that’s required in the making of each folded surface. I find the creative process akin to a form of meditation and I can be totally absorbed for hours at a time. There is always an element of surprise that I find hugely rewarding when a final relief form emerges. Each form essentially combines my personal expression and making with the logical rationale of geometry’.

Click here to learn more about Tony and view images his works

Click here to view a video of Grid Formation III

New Feature Wall!

We've been working on a new feature wall downstairs in the gallery - we hope you like it as much as we do!

Suspended Animation, Anna Masters' solo exhibition

Thank you to everybody who came to the private view of Anna Masters' solo exhibition at 45 Park Lane and made it such a success. The show runs until 28th August, so if you're in the area, please do pop by to have a look!

View artworks in the exhibition.

View exhibition catalogue.

Peter Monaghan videos & side angle images

As many of you will know, part of the beauty and interest of Peter Monaghan’s work is viewing each piece from different angles, seeing how both colour and shape change. Viewing just one static image really doesn’t do the work justice; we’ve added videos to the images online so you can more appreciate the works as the camera moves around the artwork.

Click here to view Monaghan's works

Art and Antiques Fair, 2018

For those that missed us, we've been exhibiting at the Art and Antiques Fair, Olympia this week. Here's a quick look at our stand.

Showing From Stone to Mountains - Tay Bak Chiang

A video walk through the gallery during Tay Bak Chiang's solo exhibition.

From Stone to Mountains - Tay Bak Chiang

Thank you to everyone who came to the private view and made it such a fun and exciting evening! For those that didn't manage to make it, here are a few images showing the pieces hanging in the gallery.

Please click here to view the pieces in the exhibition.

Art Market San Francisco

Thanks to all of you who visited us at Art Market San Francisco! Many of you commented on how great our booth looked, and as you'll see from the pictures, many turned out for the fair! Looking forward to next year already...

Online Catalogue - mid 2018

Please take a few minutes to browse through our online catalogue!

Click here to view

Up close with Mat Kemp

From a distance it is very easy to dismiss the visual complexity of Mat Kemp’s Take Me To The River (Thames). Using recycled materials Mat encapsulates life, movement and colour in his playful pieces, inhabited by little figures who, with their poses, call out for our attention.

Watch the video to take a closer look at Mat’s artwork, or click here to view his available pieces.

Recent art fairs

We would like to thank those of you who have visited us at the several Art Fairs we have taken part in since the beginning of 2018.

If you have not had a chance to join us there we have some pictures of our stands for you!

Katie Allen's Transforming Nature, Private View

On Thursday October 26th, we opened Katie Allen's solo exhibition Transforming Nature. A fantastic private view evening with many of Katie's pieces sold. Take a look here for a few images of the evening.

Katie Allen Solo Exhibition

October 26 - November 11

We're excited to announce a solo exhibition for internationally renowned Welsh painter Katie Allen starting October 26th 2017.

Please click here to view artworks in the exhibition.

Rachael Nee's Potatoed Powered Cosmos at CERN, Geneva

Artist Rachael Nee has been working with international teachers on the CERN High School Teacher programme to develop the Potato Powered Cosmos, an art-meets-science installation that demonstrates how CERN works, but not as you might expect!

Click here to read more about Rachael's exciting project!

Peter Monaghan Solo Exhibition 2015

The Language of X

Starting 30th April running through to 16th May

Being held in our Marylebone gallery, Peter Monaghan will be presenting his latest body of artwork titled 'The Language of X.