Kate Kessling

Kate Kessling is a British painter born in 1967. She obtained her BA from Goldsmiths’ College in the late 1980s, followed by an MA through the British Council at Poznan Academy of Art.


Kate’s work is conceptual and uses a wide range of found objects as a route into ‘mark-making’. Her work is often concerned with the rhythm that objects create in repetition. 


The new ‘Paper assemblage’ pieces see a return to hand-made and have been put together from reams of paper that have been ‘perfect-bound’ using traditional book-binding techniques. Each piece is made from over a thousand leaves of paper, stacked with the pages, rather than the spines, turned outward, this forming a striated surface in which coloured pigments, paints and waxes are applied in bands.


She has successfully displayed her work in British and International art galleries, as well as at art fairs in Europe, Asia and the States.