Paul Kessling

Paul Kessling’s abstract oil paintings pulsate with raw Promethean energy. Whether taking painterly bearings amid the heft and shift of wind-slammed storms or delicately calibrating the impression of light painting a cloud-mottled sea, his wet-in-wet technique and lyrical brush strokes capture the elemental struggles of our external and internal landscapes.


Kessling trained as a sculptor at the Royal College of Art where he worked with Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. He is a modern painter forming paintings with the same sculptural discipline required of the three dimensional form, but in a two dimensional space.  Kessling uses his own distinctive painterly structures, stacks of stripes or fields of moving paint, to generate  a distillation of the well-observed – a rewriting or new translation in paint.


Skywriting is a new series of paintings by Kessling that recasts the ubiquitous sky as an intimate sphere of self-discovery. Primal shape-memories punctuate skyscapes and swirl and dissolve in the observer’s eye to form, under newly imagined atmospheric pressures, intense emotional climates. Kessling’s airborne realm proposes a sky no longer tenuously connected to the world by a horizon, but freed to take both painter and viewer into unexplored volumes of light and colour.


Born: 1965 Dundee, Scotland.

1985 – 1987 BA Wimbledon School of Art – Sculpture.
1987- 1989 MA Royal College of Art