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Claire Cohen

Claire Cohen is an English artist. She started her academic career in Oxford where, in 1986, she obtained a Bsc in Physical Sciences. She pursued a career in the technical and commercial arenas of the electricity industry until 2010, when she was in a position to be able to enrol at the Bristol School of Art to study Fine Art. Following her Foundation Diploma she completed an MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England. Claire now works from her studio in Bristol and at Spike Print Studios.

Claire’s work is driven by a desire to experiment with material and process and seeks to play with combinations of old and new techniques. Claire’s work is often abstract in nature, aiming to express a fascination with scientific ideas and mathematical concepts with the use of shape, colour and form.

The Planes series plays with the brain’s ability to respond to limited data and missing information and it explores the idea of creating the seemingly solid from intangible, two-dimensional images. The series of works explores depth, dimension and space and references the idea of optical illusion.

Claire is a member of the artists’ group ‘Out of Print Collective’ and ‘Group C Artists’, as well as at the Spike Print Studios.

Since 2005 she has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and the States, including Miami and New York.