Sara Dodd

Sara gained a BA Hons Ceramics, Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2013. She has exhibited widely, culminating in the New York Ceramics and Glass Fair and the 2017 RA Summer Exhibition, where her pieces sold out.


Dodd was drawn to porcelain for it’s delicacy and translucent quality, and it’s ability to play with light like no other material. Her work aims to capture the fragility of clay, by creating shapes and manipulating forms to give the illusion of weightlessness.


‘I take my inspiration from the natural world and observing how people interact. My work explores how individual units can build to create sculptures and installations. My love of using clay, and in particular porcelain, comes from a fascination of turning a wet malleable material into rigid translucent ceramic. I try to work intuitively accessing semiconscious connections to reveal meaning and statements in my work during the making process and at its completion.’



BA Hons Ceramics, Cardiff Metropolitan University