Rogan Brown

Rogan Brown is a British artist based in France. He studied in London and obtained his BA from Goldsmiths’ College and his MA from QMW College. 


In a successful and innovative attempt to conflate the world of science with that of art, Rogan uses his art to explore the boundaries between observational study and artistic interpretation, existing somewhere between scientific accuracy and pure, unbridled imagination. Using both a scalpel and a laser he creates intricate, fragile relief sculpture out of layers of cut paper making multiple visual references – cell structures, microbes, anatomical models, coral, fossils, vegetal forms, insects and sea shells are just some examples. 


“My work plays with the architecture of nature and organic growth. By identifying patterns and motifs that occur in the natural world in different contexts and at different scales, both macroscopic and microscopic, I have developed a formal, aesthetic vocabulary that I use to construct hybrid sculptural forms, both real and surreal.”


Each piece can take up to 5 painstaking months to create.


Brown has won several awards, including Winner of the Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2014’s National Open Art competition and Best Installation in 2013, and Showcase Winner in the Artslant Showcase. Brown has exhibited internationally in Europe, Shanghai, China and most recently New York and Miami in the States.


This year he was published in “Postdigital Artisans” – a book that brings together a group of international artists, designers and architects who are returning to simple materials in order to create a “physically immersive experience”.

Click here to view video showing an example of Rogan’s artworks