Paul Kessling Focus - London 2018

27th October - 15th November
Paul Kessling is a British painter born in Dundee, Scotland, in 1965. He trained as a sculptor at Wimbledon School of Art and then at MA level at the Royal College of Art. At the latter institution, Paul worked with Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. 

  He is a modern painter forming paintings with the same sculptural discipline required of the three dimensional form, but in a two dimensional space.  Kessling uses his own distinctive painterly structures, stacks of stripes or fields of moving paint, to generate  a distillation of the well-observed – a rewriting or new translation in paint.

  His abstract oil paintings pulsate with raw Promethean energy. Whether taking painterly bearings amid the heft and shift of wind-slammed storms, or delicately calibrating the impression of light painting a cloud-mottled sea, his wet-in-wet technique and lyrical brush strokes capture the elemental struggles of our external and internal landscapes.

  Skywriting is a new series of paintings by Kessling that recasts the ubiquitous sky as an intimate sphere of self-discovery. Primal shape-memories punctuate skyscapes and swirl and dissolve in the observer’s eye to form, under newly imagined atmospheric pressures, intense emotional climates. Kessling’s airborne realm proposes a sky no longer tenuously connected to the world by a horizon, but freed to take both painter and viewer into unexplored volumes of light and colour.

  Paul has attracted international success at solo and group art exhibitions, as well as art fairs internationally.
The Twins of Intensity, 136x136cm
The Twins of Intensity - 136 x 136cm

Signal, 102x139cm
Signal - 102 x 139cm

Erebus, 167x98cm
Erebus - 167 x 98cm

Interlude, 106x106cm
Interlude, 106 x 106cm
Mantua, 106x106cm
Mantua, 106 x 106cm

Four Rivers Blue, 106x106cm
Four Rivers Blue, 106 x 106cm
Synchronicity, 106x106cm
Synchronicity, 106 x 106cm

Material Earth, 106x106cm
Material Earth, 106 x 106cm

Racine, 135x104cm
Racine, 135 x 104cm

Four Rivers, 136x75cm
Four Rivers - 136 x 75cm

Florentine Rose, 136x75cm
Florentine Rose - 136 x 75cm

Florentine Old Blue, 136x75cm
Florentine Old Blue - 136 x 75cm

Involucra, 121x121cm
Involucra - 121 x 121cm
Willow Grey, 121x121cm
Willow Grey - 121 x 121cm

Poitiers, 41x71cm
Poiters - 41 x 71cm
Anemuca, 41x71cm
Anemuca - 41 x 71cm