Matt Neuman

Matt Neuman is an American artist, currently living in Brooklyn and working full time in his Bronx studio. He completed his BA at Skidmore College, NY, in 2007, and received a Master of Fine Art (MFA) from Boston University in 2011.


Matt’s explorations focus on basic geometric interactions where colour is the primary protagonist in the work. The compositions are born from his basic need and instinctive tendency to leverage geometry as a way to organise information and make sense of space. As a platform, geometry supports his wide-ranging artistic tangents and forays inspired by a host of other interests. Influences like physics, origami, space-time, and the infinite have crept into his thoughts and have been guides in his pursuit of pointed spatial experience. 


“Mono print is that shaded zone in my artistic identity Venn diagram that emerges between painting and printmaking: The processes give me the freedom to push painterly chaos within the design structure of printmaking. I embrace repetition, but my interest has never been in producing editioned print runs. Instead my process mines printmaking for its repeatability then squeezes it for variety in the pursuit of unique finished works.”


Most of Matt’s finished works do not come from a single printed page: Instead, many are collaged together using distinct printed pieces that are alike in composition but unique in colour and surface. This provides the artist with the aesthetic freedom to build outward with limitless variety and scale, discovering new compositions while exploring the ever-changing relationship between part and whole.


Matt Neuman’s art has been displayed widely in both the USA and Europe.