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Jayson Lilley

Born in 1972 in Devon, England, Jayson Lilley is a British contemporary artist based in London.  Jayson trained at UCA, where he gained a First Class Honours degree in Visual Communication and worked in book cover design before becoming a professional artist. 

Jason incorporates the practices of painting, collage and printmaking in his art. He is recognised for producing works of urban scenes and iconic architecture. With influences coming from Japanese Ukiyo-e and Constructivism, Jayson has great admiration for the work of Katsushika Hokusai and Alexander Rodchenko.

He draws inspiration from the London urban environment and its hustle and bustle. His love of early twentieth century Art Deco and Bauhaus to the Brutalism of the post-war period is evident throughout his work. Characterised by its strong compositional structure and a limited palette, Jayson uses high contrasts with light and shadow to convey form and silhouette defined by his clean lines and large areas of flat colour. Urban landscapes with countryside influences are common themes in his paintings and screen-prints, although not always immediately apparent and serve as his outlet to express his love of the capital whilst maintaining the strong roots he developed in his early years.

Jayson’s paintings are represented by galleries worldwide and held in numerous private collections, most notably in London, New York, Hong Kong and most recently Moscow. His screen prints have been reproduced and published extensively around the world.