Jana Emburey

Jana Emburey is a Slovakian visual artist, born in 1979. She studied Theatrical Costume Design in her home country, to then move to Britain and obtain a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Glasgow. 


Jana works across a wide range of media. Her body of work includes paintings, drawings, printmaking and sculpture. Her art explores the concept of time perception, memory and inter-connectivity. She is preoccupied with our transient nature, our innate need to preserve memories, how those are influenced by our emotions and how our current and future state is shaped by our perception of the past. Her work alternates between an esoteric exploration and an outside view, connecting past and present with the concept of oneness.


The Sweet Oblivion series she is currently concentrating on has its roots in the concept of human population growth. It is about the multiplication of microscopic cells, compared to the ever expanding growth of the human race. The titles of these works and the arrangements of the cells give a clue to the state or behaviour of humans on mass which she tries to emulate. These delicate, intricate and meditative drawings tend to imbue a sense of calm and serenity and it is important to her that viewers find their own meaning in her works.


Jana has been showing work nationally and internationally for a number of years. Most recently in the VAS FLY exhibition in the National Galleries in Edinburgh, RSA Open 2016 in Edinburgh, Art Rooms with art dealers Ione and Mann in London, with the Society of Scottish Artists in Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis in The Cut of Your Jib exhibition. Her work is in private and corporate collections, including Stirling University and Austrian Investkredit Bank (part of Volksbank AG). 


In 2016 Jana was elected a Professional Member of the Society of Scottish Artists.