Hugo Garcia-Urrutia

Hugo Garcia-Urrutia, born in 1974, is a Mexican artist. He graduated from Texas Tech University in 2000, with a Bachelor of Architecture and Design and received the 2000 Outstanding Thesis Award. He is also a graduate and active member of the Architectural Association’s Master of Architecture Design & Make programme in the United Kingdom.


Urrutia’s work creates a distinct spatiality located at the interstice of art and architecture. His work explores and uses the technology for design and fabrication, with a sensitive and conscious reminder of the creativity of human endeavour.


“Using nature and geometry as a starting point, I am interested in the notion of a wave, a synchronized flock of birds, a silk fabric soothingly moving with the wind. Then I challenge myself to try to mimic these noble forms…This series derives from repetitiveness of a simple component like the triangle. As a whole, it produces a sort of wavy effect in which I can play with the shades and shadows. By cutting a simple rigid coloured plane in a precise way, my “canvas” becomes sculptural and organic…”


Garcia-Urretia’s artwork has been exhibited in the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Colombia and Hong-Kong. His participation in art and architectural competitions and public projects include; the AIA Cincinnati, where he received the Design Award for the 2000 National Urban Poetry I competition and the 2005 ARQUINE – International Architecture Competition in Mexico City. His art installation – The Mexican Tsunami, and Making a Killing – have both been featured a the Art Santa Fe 2010 Contemporary Art Fair, curated by Charlotte Jackson, and University of Dallas and the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC) in Dallas curated by Charissa N. Terranova. Most recently he presented the Fallen Star at the Architectural Association Back Member’s Room with the AA DLab 2012 team.