Greet Helsen

Greet Helsen was born in 1962 in Hoogstraten, Belgium, and is currently based near Basel, in Switzerland. Graduating in 1982 in Art Studies with B. Assenza, Switzerland, she pursued independent educational and artistic works.


In 1986 Helsen founded her own art school in Dortmund, Germany, which she directed for twelve years. She then gave classes at the Assenza Art School in Muchenstein, Switzerland until 2012. From there Helsen took over the management of the NetzWerk Art School, also in Muchenstein, and focused on her own artistic practice.


In her abstract works she uses mainly acrylic paint, but uses it like watercolour, breathing life into her paintings. The shimmering coloured areas are superimposed and transparent and are accentuated by ink lines and white light reflecting fields of colour. This process produces artworks with unmistakable lightness and softness, achieved by harmonious combinations of bright colour blocks and lines set against white backgrounds, inspired by the natural world. 


Helsen has exhibited widely in Germany, Switzerland and France.