Gabriela Aguilo Firehammer

Gabriela Aguilo Firehammer is an Argentinian painter based out of the San Diego area. She immigrated to the US in her youth and began her professional career as a designer in the fashion industry. She later devoted her time to stone sculpture, transitioning to fine art.


After a period spent crafting stone sculpture, Aguilo turned to her current method, which she has been perfecting for a number of years. Gabriela works in gouache paint (which can be diluted like watercolour, but is opaque like an acrylic) and encaustic (adding coloured pigments to heated wax) on a body of work of abstract inner landscapes. While the images are influenced by her travels, the feeling is far more ethereal, meditative and dreamlike. She strives to balance the image and create a sense of movement that is symbolic of her efforts toward an evolution of consciousness, a vertical and forward push for growth.


Gabriela has exhibited her work internationally including Miami, New York, Chicago, London and throughout Europe.