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Katie Allen solo exhibition

8th - 24th September, 2022

Katie centres her work primarily on the landscapes of her beloved South Wales, and their changing seasons and shades, which she renders through rich patterns, forms and colours. When viewed as a whole, her paintings are of recognisable landscapes and natural forms – trees and plants, insects and birds – but on closer inspection they disclose detailed abstract patterns composed of intricate designs and subtle colour harmonies.

Further details and images of the exhibition will be shown closer to the date.

Daniel Mirchev solo exhibition

Early 2023

Mirchev is Bulgarian sculptor, working mainly in wood and mixed media. He graduated in ‘Wood Carving’ in the Applied Arts College ‘Dimitar Dobrovich’ in the Bulgarian town of Sliven. Daniel’s artistic biography started in 1989 as part of the Annual National Exhibition of Applied Arts in Bulgaria. Since then, he has been working as a sculptor and professional artist.