Emma Gibbons

Emma Gibbons combines paint, ink, glazes, glitter and mixed media to produce curious & joyful pieces of art from her studio on the North Devon Coast.


Born into a family of Cornish pirates and smugglers, her passion for treasures & adventures was engrained from an early age. True to her pirate roots, Emma has travelled extensively through Europe, Asia and South America, bringing vibrant colour to her work along with themes of discovery & exploration. Admitting to “being in love with colour” she views each of her artworks as “a little adventure – something for you to explore”.


5 years studying art & illustration in London proved a productive time for Emma – producing mixed media artwork, children’s books, theatre sets, costumes and miniature sculptures, whilst studying at the highly acclaimed institutions; Goldsmiths University, London Guildhall, Camberwell College of Art. There she exhibited at the ICA, the Oxo Tower, produced illustrations for the Sherlock Holmes museum, was published in Time Out Magazine & gained an MA.


Emma has worked alongside White Cube gallery, The Chapman Brothers and Victoria Miro gallery before spending 4 years working for Damien Hirst. Emma’s work has been in constant demand with extensive exhibitions throughout the UK and further afield. Her work has been bought by clients and collectors all over the world, including Dawn French, Tim Marlow, Zoe Ball & The British Library. Recently, her work has been featured in The Guardian Gift Guide and Interiors magazine.


“I do believe that art should be joyful. Life is full of challenges and I hope my work can bring people a little bit of daily joy. A little bit of happiness, sat on your wall.”