Alea Pinar du Pre

An Austrian-Turkish artist, Alea Pinar Du Pre uses multi-media to explore the kaleidoscopic nature of reality in her art. Envisaging reality as an undividedwhole in a dynamic state of flux, rather than as a collection of separate objects, Alea creates vibrant artistic metaphors which reflect her challenging view of anew kind of reality.


Building on the synthetic intensity of digital art, her figurative style depicts a familiar but warped daily life. While her use of digital art stands for the virtuality of modern life, the acrylics, gilding, glass paint and epoxy glass that characteriseher artworks crystallise the tangible nature of reality.


“My endless questioning of the nature of our existence stems from an insatiable curiosity and an unfathomable love for truth. I believe in the sacredness of the human experience. Art is a canvas to mutate my curiosity into a form I can share – to transfer scientific and spiritual curiosity into pictures – to give form tothe formless.”


Alea’s art has been successfully exhibited in art galleries all over the world, including Istanbul, Dubai, New York, Miami, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vienna and the UK since 2008.