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Transforming Nature
Katie Allen

26.10 - 11.11.17


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The origin of Katie's work is rooted in the landscape as she observes, records and paints the continually changing seasons transforming from spring to summer, summer to autumn to winter and back to spring again, primarily of the landscapes of her native South Wales. Katie knows nothing is static - everything is in a constant state of impermanent flux and change. Using this as her inspiration she transforms what she observes and that which is in her mind’s eye to a tangible painting, fixed and ordered from the transient and ephemeral. Her work, too, changes and transforms through the process of painting as she tries to create balance and harmony with composition, colour and surface. 

As new inspiration and ideas come to her though others' work and nature and as her practice continues to develop her painting slowly transforms and changes and this too cannot be fixed. Each finished piece is a captured moment within the changing cycle. The paintings when viewed as a whole are of recognisable landscapes and natural forms – trees and plants, insects and birds – but on closer inspection become detailed abstract patterns composed of intricate designs and subtle colour harmonies. The paintings explore the play of scale from macro to micro and the movement between representational and abstract.  They are enjoyed on different levels, with the viewer constantly finding new areas to explore and be drawn into.  

Blue Woodland by Katie Allen

Blue Woodland  |  60 x 60cm

Yellow Woodland by Katie Allen

Yellow Woodand  |  60 x 60cm

Red Woodland by Katie Allen

Red Woodland  |  60 x 60cm

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Winter Falls by Katie Allen

Winter Falls  |  70 x 150cm

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Brundy Cove by Katie Allen

Brundy Cove  |  120 x 150cm

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Fall Bay by Katie Allen

Fall Bay  |  75 x 100cm

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Renewal by Katie Allen

Renewal  |  120 x 90cm

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Autumn Yellow by Katie Allen

Autumn Yellow  |  61 x 150cm

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Woodland Log, Autumn by Katie Allen

Woodland Log, Autumn  |  120 x 150cm

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Woodland Log, Spring by Katie Allen

Woodland Log, Spring  |  120 x 150cm

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Blessings by Katie Allen

Blessings  |  120 x 90cm

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On the Path by Katie Allen

On the Path  |  120 x 90cm

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Towards the Clearing by Katie Allen

Towards the Clearing  |  150 x 70cm

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Vernal Equinox after Paul Nash 1 by Katie Allen

Vernal Equinox After Paul Nash 1  |  90 x 65cm

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Vernal Equinox after Paul Nash 2 by Katie Allen

Vernal Equinox After Paul Nash 2  |  90 x 65cm

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Vernal Equinox, Arthur's Stone by Katie Allen

Vernal Equinox, Arthur's Stone  |  150 x 70cm

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