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Après Atget Parc de Saint-Cloud. Un. by Carla Groppi
Après Atget Parc de Saint-Cloud. Trois. by Carla Groppi
Apres Atget Nénuphars. Un by Carla Groppi
Apres Atget Nénuphars. Deux by Carla Groppi
ImagAprès Atget Parc de Saint-Cloud. Un. by Carla Groppie description


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Carla Groppi was born in London 1958 and completed a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art, Painting from The City and Guilds of London Art School. In 2015, Groppi won The Hugh Casson drawing prize at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. 

"It was the photographs of Paris and France taken by 1900’s French photographer Eugene Atget, that inspired me to make a series of large-scale charcoal and pastel drawings. Atget's photograph of a tree taken in Parc de Saint-Cloud particularly inspired me to make  a series of drawings using intense bright monochromatic pastel colour.


After three years working exclusively from Atget, I now also work from other photographers such as Winogrand, Steiglitz and Missone,  and along with photographs, use images taken from film and tv as starting points for my mostly large scale drawings. Finding images in different media, photography, film and TV, taken in another period of time,  and translating them into large-scale charcoal or pastel drawings is what compels me.


I see my drawings as translations, attempting to capture something from the original while imparting something new of my own."



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